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    • Justin Nagy sent word that he and his team 'Asphix' is working on a 7-level ZDoom add-on called Beyond 2000. A demo will be released soon but they need more designers. A few screenshots of other levels are also available.
    • Jonathan Croce has put up a website and "would like some visitors". The place is still a bit under construction but will feature download links for his levels as well as some screenshots in the near future.

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    Jonathan Croce is Hellknight from team Apocalypse! The team is doing "Last Day On Earth" megawad... www.doom.fr.fm

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    Justin Nagy is the coolest name I've heard since Gustable Dingleberry. I think I am going to write a song about him. And how he spelled Asphyx wrong.

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    Guest Stealthy


    Hey... This is Justin, I'm glad you like my name and if you want to write a song about it, thats cool...! I want to hear it :). Oh well, go play some Doom2....

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    Guest Anonymous User


    Mordeth mentioned the site crashes his Nutscrape 4. The site displays blank in Newtscape 3 without images, and crashes it with images. The HTML source is a mess, about a billion nonbreaking spaces for no good reason. If you wanna lay stuff out use borderless tables or something, not spaces. Too bad cuz it sounds interesting (reading raw HTML is not so fun, tho)

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