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    Polling Unholy


    Ebola has updated the Unholy Software page with a new poll, which is to find out what the sites average visitor thinks of themselves as a level designer. He also announced the results from the previous poll, which started last year.

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    Guest deathwarrior


    dunno. it ain't me, that's for sure.

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    I guess I should go and vote in that poll. As for who would be cocky enough to figure themself to be the best designer ever, who knows. Be interesting to find out :)

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    I find it amazing that 10 other people considered themselves mapping masters...I actually voted myself a mapping master..heh, hope I didn't get too egotistical on that one =)

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    WOW, anyone seen the poll lately? 177 people voted that they got 0% skill. :p

    and now there's 4 mappers that is the best ever. Well, what do you know ;)

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    Which vote would have been more appropriate for my mapping skills ?

    The answer with 0% skill?? :D I bet you put that one up there with me in mind. "And here we have Anthony, man, he really sucks.."

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