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    Prepare for Discharge


    That doesn't sound right... Anyways, Rellik has let us know that his Discharge deathmatch level review site has moved to GG Inc., courtesy of Joel Murdoch.

    There's also 5 new reviews including the must have Beresith levels. If you're looking for some new maps, go on over. There's 45 reviews there so there's plenty of wads to choose from.

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    Beresith map04 is perhaps the most fun in Doom DM I've had, oh the memories ;. Albert Valls is also a great guy (he was half of cydreams).
    I actually wrote a review of it long ago, for Mike Tawney's Doom DM resource or whatever, heh. Go get Beresith!

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    I was wondering why rellik used a New Zealand domain name, untill I saw that Joel is frm nz - Does Rellik still do reviews?

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    Yup, I still do all the reviews. Maybe I'll get fewer complaints over the address now. :p

    Well looks like I got 3 newstuff maps to review now...

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