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    Quake For Doom 3, Aftershocks.


    As it seems, the people who made Quake: Shambler's Castle really couldn't stop after the first map, and are now working on expanding the adventure with at least another two maps, one being in the former Gothic style and one being of the Slipgate tech base design. Another member (Elusive) joined the team to make textures and another level.

    Here you can find the thread on D3W forums detailing the production, as well as two screenshots, one of each of the two maps, Lavastorm and Elusives map.

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    That looks great! These Scrags are cool. BTW what's the monster in the second pic? Is it a Shambler?

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    I'm diggin the 2nd level, the tech-themed one. Looks awesome with the D3 engine. I hope they do expand the assets that were used to make Shambler's Castle.

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    I know it's for Doom 3, but that second shot doesn't look nearly as bright as Quake tech levels do. :|

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