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    QuakeCon Doom 2 Tournament Results


    Congratulations to Doomworld forum member JKist3 for his victory in the Doom 2 tournament at Quakecon 2013! JKist3 defeated Devastation, also a Doomworld forum member, in the grand finals played on the main stage. The finals were a rematch between the two - JKist3 knocked Devastation into the loser's bracket in a close bout two days earlier. The final moments of the first game, played on dwango5 map01, will likely go down as one of the greatest competitive Doom moments ever as JKist3 ties the game with less than a second on the clock and the crowd explodes.

    JKist3 received a (giant) $1,000 check for his efforts. Devastation placed 2nd and DemonSphere fell to 3rd after a close, exciting match against Devastation (replay). All three players received Doom 2 trophies. Congratulations to all of the participants for giving Doom an exciting showing in Dallas! The entire Quakecon 2013 Grand Finals can be viewed on their twitch.tv channel.

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    Janizdreg said:

    Could an admin please change the last link to skip the unnecessary promotion talk and the horrifying "minigame"? A link such as http://www.twitch.tv/quakecon/b/440423483?t=36m37s should do the trick.

    That shit almost made my laptop battery run down, on top of the event not starting for ~45 minutes after the schedule stated, nearly causing me to miss the live stream :P

    But yes. Congrats to JKist3 and the other finalists. All great players. I hope JKist can get good pics of his trophy and that giant check (if he got to keep it anyway) for Doom Wiki ;)

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    This was really great exposure for the Doom community and I think the tournament showed FPS players that Doom can be an incredibly exciting game when played competitively. I know Odamex and Doom in general have gained several new players as a result of the stream and the wonderful job Jehar did explaining some of the subtle nuances and quirks of the game as the matches unfolded. I felt fortunate to work with Sponge of id Software to ensure things went smoothly and I think we're all grateful to see Doom take center stage for its 20th anniversary.

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    I hope this becomes a regular thing at Quakecon. Grats to JKist3 and Devastation. That tie in the first match, damn that was impressive!

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