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    Tommie Quick updated his site, Fatal's Doom Shrine, explaining (like so many others, it seems) why he hasn't updated recently: real life! :gasp: Also, he's been having some access problems, but he says those've been worked out and he has a freshly baked update for us. In said update, he announced a new project, Trust II: The Syndicate, which continues the story from the original Trust, and he also notes that he's continuing progress on his level Temple of Hathdor. I'd just like to note that popups really irritate me.

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    They rule! Actually yes I know they can be annoying especially now that Doomworld has pop up ads too. I'll get to work in putting my site into a normal page and remove the popup. I'll do that ASAP :)

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    Great piece of news from your part there, Tommie! Let's see if the sequel will get 'The What A Wad Award' at The DooMer's RecesS like its prequel did!? Because you are going to let me review it when it eventually comes out, right?!

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