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    Recess Updated


    The Doomer's Recess has updated with a small status report on their Ultimate Doom project "2001 -A Doom Oddyssey", including some screenshots. No new reviews have been posted, but something "extra and exciting" has been promised for their next review...

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    i happen to be working on that project, and let me say first hand, that it will be worth checking out. i posted under "mailbag" with more info about it, cuz ling don't usually post anything about doomers recess unless there's a review. Check it out

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    I've heard of Paul and Chris, and Aro. And I'm excited about their levels. Who are you Skarj? Where can I get some of your earlier released levels do get an idea of how talented you are?

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    heh, i havent published any of my earlier stages. Just wait for "doom2001", and i'm also doin a map for Ni'mrod

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    heh thx for the words, and wouldnt you just rather be suprised by a complete level? :) anyway, i'll think about a few screens, but i like to hit ppl with it all at once rather than a little at a time. Makes it that much better

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