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    The Doomer's Recess has been updated with some begging for people to enter his L.I.N.K. project, where people add on to an existing level, and then someone else takes it over and adds their share, etc. Sure, there's no Voodoo5 prize, but go make a few rooms and help perpetuate a cool idea.

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    Hi guys,

    I'll be updating today with a message that I've postponed the deadline to the 25th so you've both got time to do a little add-on for L.I.N.K. and play that soon to be released... what is it called..... damn it.... it's got a "10" in it.....


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    Guest The Gemini


    Chris: I'd like to add something too...mail me the wad at post2000@c2i.net if you're still sending it around...

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    Guest Striker


    It is avaliable for d/l at http://home13.inet.tele.dk/CNH/ basically everyone d/l's one of the 3 link wads (tech goth and strange world) and adds somethihng to the wad and sends it back to chris at the 25th he's going ot look at ALL the submissions and the best ones are kept and posted in place of the old link wads. Everyone will then d/l from the page again the new wads and make a modification to that and send it in and come the next deadline he post up the best of those and well you get the point. The thing is you don't get him to e-mail you anything you gotta take hte initiative and go to his site and d/l the wads yourself. Make sure you read the numerous instructions. Careful the readme is set to explode in 10 seconds after unzip. =)

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