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    Reol World News


    Well now, another press release. This time from Reol King... erm somethinglike that:

    Mailbag: New mailbag, with a couple E-mails on DooM, Quake II, and Quake III maps, as well as the Hall of Shame, filled to the brink full of useless spam and lame e-mail, the biggest one ever posted here!

    Quake III: Release of Derelict went past the 1K d/l mark on Fileplanet, and a couple reviews on it are due sometime soon(?).

    DooM II: 1/4 of the sprawling Sudden Death map has monters. There's a slightly different monster layout, but it'll become familiar along the way.

    There ya go, more cut 'n paste goodness.

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    Guest Anonymous User


    every Reol level in existance sucks major ass. now he uses the Quake 3 engine to handle his Extreme Detail bull

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    Of course it's been downloaded 1000 or more times. You know how many people visit FilePlanet? And most of them download every new level to see if they like them or not.

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    Yep, 'nuff said. I wonder if those people are real (the ones saying how great Lord of Cybs was)

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