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    ResDe Double-Header


    ResDe has updated his two bases of operation. NetDoom and ResDe's Cardboard Box have both been updated with vital information regarding NetDoom and DIE. Go read, or your lives are forfeit!

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    Guest Levendis


    I checked the 3/3/00 update on ResDe's NetDoom page...he says he's going to try to get as much speed as possible out of the current peer-peer Doom netcode?
    ResDe...I dunno exactly what you're smoking...but WE NEED SERVER-CLIENT more than anything else right now...how bout it?

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    Guest ResDe


    According to what Carmack said on Doom networking, Doom can have networking better than Quake simply by speeding up and adding more connection methods to the current network code, the server/host will still control the game params but the networking will still be in sync, not allowing open joining. The down side of server/client is that most Doom deathmatch games won't go above four people, even if a game goes above it in server/client, not much people in the Doom community have dual 600mhz xeons as servers so I'm preserving the tic system of current Doom, even though later version of NetDoom might look like it has server/client.

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    Guest Levendis


    Speed issues aside, the reason Quake and its spawn are so popular is that server-client netcode (and therefore dynamic joining) allows pickup games. Ask anyone who plays Q3A--if they could find Doom servers on gamespy they'd play Doom too.

    I have an idea--since you're probably right about anyone in the Doom community at large owning the necessary hardware for a server, why don't we petition someone who runs a Quake server? I have the feeling Exec-PC would probably go for it.

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