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    Rest in peace Esa Repo


    I just got word from esselfortium that Espi passed away in his sleep on Saturday, 8/29/09. The cause of death was cancer. Last year, a tumor had formed in his arm (epithelioid sarcoma) and he had to get it amputated. They later discovered that tumors had metastasized in his brain and lungs. Not long before his death, an infection, as well as epilepsy from the brain tumor, had developed.

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    Well I knew Espi might never be making Doom maps again, but this is sad news! :(

    What caused the cancer? Was it anything related to the earlier instance of the arm cancer, or is it unrelated?

    Oh, and what a coincidence: the date of his surgery and the date of his death are almost exactly a year apart; if I remember it was early September last year when I read about his arm. That could never have foreshadowed this sad news, though. :(

    RIP, Espi (Esa Repo). Your maps will not be forgotten!

    Oh, and I offer all my condolences for his family for this terrible happening.

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    This really sucks. Espi was, in my opinion, one of the most talented mappers and artists in the Doom community. About a third of all the textures in Freedoom are his work, and if you want to see a true masterpiece just go and play through Suspended in Dusk.

    I'd been following his struggles with cancer in the posts over in the blogs forum, as I'm sure many others of you also had been. At first it was bad enough imagining having an arm amputated, but things just seemed to get worse as time went on. All I can say is that I'm glad he isn't suffering any more and that he passed away peacefully.

    I'm sad to say I never really knew him as well as I would have liked to. But I will certainly never forget him, and he will be missed.

    Rest in peace.

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    A sad day and a true loss to the community and many more people I'm sure. I never knew him, just knew of him from reading a few posts of his and others and playing a few maps.

    I'm sad that he is gone but am glad that his troubles are at least now over. I truly hope his family, friends and loved ones are getting what they need at this time.

    I don't feel much sorrow for those who have died but for the friends and family... After all, death is only a burden for the living.

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    I started to write a poem similar to this back when Assmaster passed away, but I couldn't find the inspiration to finish it. Though I didn't know espi very well, I got enough of an impression of him during his illness to see that he was a great guy. So, this is for him, and by extension, for all our friends who have passed on.

    In the arms of Morpheus you slipped away
    Freed from your unrelenting pain
    Though never to see another Earthly day
    You find yourself at certain gain
    Soaring far beyond all harm
    A new being you are becoming
    For looking upon yourself you find not a lonely arm
    But a pair of majestic wings.

    Rest in peace, our friend.

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    This is sad on many levels. Espi was always a cool guy when I frequented here and I loved his maps. R.I.P., you will certainly be missed.

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    This was a very sad day, I just wished Espi didn't have to die so young. We all will miss you Espi, RIP.

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    One thing I'll always remember about Espi was how he didn't let the cancer bring him down. Even with his arm amputated he was still active in the community and never gave up, as trite as that sounds. Even though I hardly knew who he was, I am familiar with his strong contributions to this community, and for that I am grateful.

    He will be missed.


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    Though I only knew him online and only for the past couple of years, Espi was always a great friend, and both his words and his works were a huge inspiration. It had been obvious from his Blogs thread that things weren't looking good, and it's good that he's no longer suffering, but of course I'm still going to miss him terribly. The whole damn thing is just unfair. RIP Espi :(

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