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    Resurrect Those Back-Up Days


    We received word today from De Zeurkous about his project "The Cities", which has been cancelled due to a computer malfunction back in January that ended up wiping out the contects of his hard drive. All of the project betas are still available from the project pages here, although you are warned that tsx.org, his page redirect service, has some rather annoying banner ads that cannot be closed.

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    All but one of those windows can be closed by clicking somewhere inside the window themselves. The last one will not even be displayed, but will merely stay in the task bar.

    So far I've resorted to just killing the last one through Task Manager.

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    Guest Zeurkous


    zeurkous@crosswinds.net This is becuz i can't mail from crosswinds to some adresses (including Doomworld, so i did it with a free hotmail account.

    De Zeurkous

    Friggin' Machines!

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    No wonder the damn thing malfuntioned, he probably went to his site one too many times.

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    Hmm, it makes three extra windows in my IE5.5 all of which can be closed by clicking on a close link within the window or by doing ctrl-w, it doesn't seem to make any that are only on the taskbar.

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