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    Reviews Of The Millennium


    Millennium Rage now features 16 reviews. The site is still in need for other updaters, so don't hesitate to send them a demonstration of your reviewing skills if you think you can help.

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    Well. It's the best supporting builder for GL legacy. I dunno about GL friendly nodes though.

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    That everytime there has been a new release Marc R. claims like a 200% increase in performance. I mean, how many times can you two-fold performance? Ver .98 runs very quick on my comp but the fact that future versions don't work in DOS bar me from using it since I use DCK.

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    Guest Kinoshkana


    Yep, I'm pushing the limits on level size again (one level over 30000x25000 in size at this point).

    glBSP can't build a blockmap for it - it clips it.

    ZenNode can't build a reject map for it - it GPFs.

    Hopefully ZenNode adds GL-friendly nodes support.

    Oh, and the large-percentage-increases in performance always end up in different areas each time, though reject maps can take a fair amount of improvement. (But he should be saying "can take up to 75% less time" rather than "300% improvement".)

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    At a glance, it looks like a port to DJGPP would be trivial except for the console stuff; you'd either need a termios library that worked under DJGPP, or to adapt another function set (console.cpp has three sets of the same named functions, for the three target platforms - OS/2, Win32 and Linux) for DJGPP. I'd do it right now except I don't have DJGPP anymore and I'm not willing to suck it over my modem link to do a port I'd never use... I might be tempted to do it at work though :)

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