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    Risen Bran


    Twice Risen has a nice long update (always the best kind) showing off a gun model Michael Niggel has been messing around with. He talks about sprite progress a little, and also mentions possible OpenGL support and adding in MD2 models, something which he says he very much would like to do (there goes the entire idea of big monster hordes, I guess).

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    Guest Risen


    Occasionally, you guys really think up a good headline!

    MD2 models are only a possibility, not definite right now. I remember the results of the poll, 90% of the community had 133MHz systems or better. So I guess I'd like to open the discussion on the comment thread.

    my take: MD2 models are great, (provided they are done well,) but my system can handle them en masse. Sprites don't do decent models justice. Maybe if I did it the DoomGL way, with everything external, they would all just be optional...

    What does everyone else think?

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    Please make it optional. I have a Pentium366, but GL still acts weird on my computer.

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    I want hordes! Models are neat and all but all the gl ports are weird on my comp... Legacy is the only one that runs decent.. I need a new card. :/

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