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    Rising From The Ashes


    Like the Phoenix, Icarus, young man who died from flying too close to the sun has risen again. With his own webpage and everything... ok ok, bad Greek Mythos reference there. Here's the whole "press release":

    As you may have guessed by the enthusiastic title, icarusweb has finished redesigning and uploading. It's now fully viewable in all its glory and includes...

    • An editorial.
    • A new resources section with [list]
    • A finished monster zoo (finally!) which now inludes tactics.
    • A monster zoo for Twilight Warrior.
    • An updated projects page.
    • A reformatted DooM Dictionary.
  • An interview with X-Blade, project leader of Team Future and DooM 3057.
  • Reviews of "Execution DM" and Sparky's update of "Aliens vs Pedator vs Terminator".[/list]What more do you want? Get on down there and check it out!

  • There you go, head on over to IcarusWeb for the real thing. I mean, why settle for this when you can have that? *grins*

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    Guest Anonymous User


    im gonna have to agree with that one guy that said why you be wasting your time.. well, i visited this page cuz i thought it would have some old school wads, ya know the ones with 10 cyber demons in one room and no fancy shmancy room over room shit... i cant believe you fools have ruined the doom legacy. and secondly, the doomworld page sucks cock yours truly your neighborhood menace

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    Guest Fanatic


    Man, wait till this guy sees QDOOM. He's really gonna hate it then. :)

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    Guest IcarusWing


    Any comments on the actual site as opposed to that strange little man who likes "10 cyber demons in one room and no fancy shmancy room over room shit"? Surely that was a joke, anyway?

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    Yeah that's a pretty good looking site. I think a few of your reviews were slightly lacking (the Aliens TC one comes to mind) though most of them were good. But yeah, cool idea I'll be checking back a lot.

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