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    Robots unite to conquer vacant Doom II in under 10 minutes


    The Finnish demon of speedrunning Looper has dropped another bomb. In this modest post he released a built TAS (tool-assisted speedrun) of 4-player cooperative nomonsters full Doom II movie... in 9:41. The quest for the fastest time possible seems nearly over as Looper, with the help of his trusty tech expert xepop, uses literally every trick in the book of the speedrunning science and then some. This claim may seem exaggerated, but only until you see the players shoot each other or wallrun on each other for speed boosts. The speedrun culminates in the last two maps with jawdropping first-ever tricks too beautiful to spoil here.

    The only downside to this crazy show (apart from the expected robotic feel of the optimized movement) is the sheer chaos and incomprehensibility of what's going on. prBoom-plus with its enhanced demo watching features recommended.

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    Certainly an excellent demo.

    I know it's a controversial feature, but having watched it all with "smooth demo playback" on, set up that way it was both aesthetically pleasing to see and for the most part understandable (with copious uses of F12). Food for thought for the casual demowatcher. :)

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    Aliotroph? said:

    Well, that hurt the brain. Why no map32?

    Can't be done on -nomonsters

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    I'll leave more proper comment once I've watched Map29 eight or nine more times.

    Good God that's awesome.

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    Aliotroph? said:

    Why no map32?

    Because it's not needed. The aim is to start at map01 and exit map30 as quickly as possible. Map32 is only visited because it is so much quicker to reach the secret exit of map15 than the normal exit. Most UV Speed movie runs on other wads skip secret levels entirely.

    Edit: Forgot to mention that this is one of the most amazing demos I have ever seen, if not the most amazing. Congratulations on an incredible achievement.

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