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    rorDoom Update


    The rorDoom site has been updated for the first time in a long while. Actually, it hasn't yet (it still displays the old, OLD news) but according to the email I received from the author of this room-above-room Doom port a new coder has joined his team: Colin Phipps, of LxDoom fame. He'll be helping out on nodesbuildling. Good to see that the release of that other 3D Doom engine EDGE hasn't killed the development of this port!

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    naw, edge's 3d floors use a way different method, i still think there's lots of potential for the way rordoom works.

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    Yes! RORDoom's floor method was always a lot faster than the 'true' 3D method- I've been an lxdoom user for some time now and liked cph's work... I can't wait to see what he does with this :) good luck to cph + julian

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    Guest darkknight


    Variety is very much the spice of life: two different methods is a good thing. Its always been good to see a new release of RORDoom.

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