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    RTCW Interview


    3DActionPlanet has posted an interview with Gray Matter, the guys behind games such as Redneck Rampage and Kingpin and the upcoming Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Most of the interview covers the new Wolfenstein game, but it talks a bit about some of the new technology they were able to use that id Software is actually coding for Doom 3.

    Gray Matter:
    One of the most recent additions to Wolfenstein has been the incorporation of the new camera technology id is creating for the next installment of Doom. It\'s simply amazing. It has allowed us to tell our story in the manner we always dreamed of telling it. When we started, we knew we had a compelling story, rich with character and full of depth. And throughout the development process it has continued to grow. One of the biggest \'unknowns\' in the production schedule was to figure out how to actually tell the story. The new camera system is allowing us to create the in-game cinematics quickly and effectively using assets from the specific locations where the story unfolds. If you had a chance to view the E3 trailer you saw some of this new technology in place. With the ability to track, dolly, pull-focus, etc. it\'s like having our own director of photography and camera crew on staff (without having to pay the exorbitant union fees!)
    Thanks to Garth Dunn for pointing out this interview.

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    Guest billyjoejimbob


    Yeah, I'm really looking forward to RTCW too, hopefully it'll be everything that Mortyr was supposed to be and more. And actually, I kind of liked Mortyr anyway.

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    Guest BlackTerror


    That airstrip description sold me. I'm buying that game if it's only HALF as good as they describe it. Redneck rampage was so-so, and I don't like the fact that they made kingpin, but RTCW sounds very nice.

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    Guest Excalibur_Z


    Something irritates me about this game.

    They're not supporting co-op play.

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