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    Run Demo Run


    COMPET-N, the well known DOOM runners gathering, has been updated after quite a long time. It was worth the wait since the update features more than 70 demos.

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    Usual high quality stuff; but I really recommend the 3-player Doom2 demo by Henning, Vincent, and Selim.
    outstanding teamwork and very entertaining from all 3 perspectives(prboom desyncs on Map29 btw).

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    Directory structure, basically. When COMPET-N started off, it was pretty much just a directory of cdrom.com (well, it could've been one of the older sites to start with...don't remember if we'd starting using cdrom.com by the time COMPET-N started off), with Steven Widlake looking after it. Since cdrom.com kept standard 8.3 filenames, the name had to fit into 8 characters, hence COMPET-N. And it's uppercase I guess because standard DOS reports everything as uppercase (though since cdrom.com runs *nix, it would've been lower-case at the server end...)

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    Simon Widlake always wrote it as Compet-N, I think the uppercase/lowercase thing comes from DOOM/DooM, people who write DOOM write COMPET-N, people who write DooM write Compet-N.

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    I write capitalized N to sound "shun" since in "formalized" speedwriting that's how words are simplified - competition becomes cmptN.

    I don't write Doom DooM.

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    com puh tun?

    thats what cmptN translates to me as...


    For the FIRST TIME EVER I agree with Crispy: what-EVERRRRRRRRRRRRR (read as annoying 13 year old often on family TV shows being a pain saying it to his or her parents whilst holding their hand in front of their parent's faces). Phew...(sigh)...

    Compoota: End Translation.

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