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    Sardonic News Title


    And now for some Classic Doom news...Ismaele has updated his Outpost of Doom 2 site with reviews of Agent Spork's Denial, and Titan by Jesper Krag Rasmussen.

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    I was looking at the screenshots he put up and it looks like he's running Zdoom with a very high resolution but with low detail on.

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    Everybody who'd like to send me some comments about the review is invited to send me an e-mail: read the "About me" section of my site, to find out how to contact me.

    @Kristus: somebody else already noticed it, but I don't know what the problem is. Could you help me to solve it?! Thanks! :)

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    Well, go to "display options" in zdoom menu, and go to "detail mode" it should say "Normal" it's rather confusing as it says double horizontal/vertical or both, which indicates you got doublt detail but it's the opposite.

    So o sum it up:
    Go to:
    display options
    detail mode
    and it should say:

    if it already do that, then I dunno what it up for you.

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    @Kristus: Thanks for your suggestions! :) Now Doom levels look much better! ;) You were right: "Detail Mode" was set to "Double Horizontally and Vertically" instead of "Normal"...! :P Thank you! =)

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