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    Score Of Requiem

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    Now THAT is a great review... plus it makes you want to play several of the maps.
    Why should Xit have all the fun? :)

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    Guest Captain Napalm


    Requiem has excellent level layout and great detail. Some of the levels are really original. The only reason this is not one of my favourite wads is because I don´t really like the Doom 2 feel. I prefer Doom 1 masterpieces such as "Inferno" by Chris Lutz.
    I don´t really like episode 3 but hot damn! That has to be one of the best wads ever, it just looks amazing!

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    yeah, correct. i've sent a rather long mail explaining this to andy, hopefully he'll put it up on his site soon :)

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    Levels too big/complicated = boring. IMO. Need something like twice risen, where it's just right, with something new like weapons and music. ::weeps::

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    Still my most favorite megawad. I thought reviews were done with these mods around 4 years ago, heh. Looking good... eventually we'll bring Requiem back.

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