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    Security Breach


    The Securitron Homepage has one of its infrequent updates detailing progress on episode 3, mentioning that the levels are going well, some new weapons are being created, and, oh yeah, there's two new screenshots for you to check out.

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    Guest Anonymous User


    Lut - like you said before: Ling needs to put down the crackpipe..

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    Guest Risen


    So they screwed up. Give 'im a little credit for doing this every day and not getting paid.

    Then again, what the hell were you thinking? That post is even dated! You are so lame.... (j/k)

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    That update has been around almost as long as I have.. Well, actually no. Whatever.. Hey, I needed a chuckle like that! ;)

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    I wonder if that's the first hosted page update to get two news updates. Nevermind the fact it's almost two months old, just look at comment thread #458 !! ... Yes, that's amusing! :)

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