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    Serious SoM Stops Something


    The web site of SoM has posted an update about Doom Legacy which I shall quote in its entirety.

    After thinking long and hard about it, I've decided that it's time I left the Doom Legacy team. I don't think there is anything else I can really do for the port and I just don't have the desire to work on it anymore.

    I'm not leaving under any negative circumstances. I wish the legacy team nothing but the best and I know that Legacy will go on fine without me. I just feel like it's time I did other things. There are a few other Doom related projects I'm still involved in and I hope to have some info up about them soon...

    To sum it up; the Doom Legacy team is not necessarily ceasing to improve the engine, but rather that one of the members has decided to move on to other projects.

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    Wait! You gotta fix the bugs in the BOOM code! Please? The line 2 line teleports are real buggy and don't preserve direction if the lines face in opposite directions... oh well never mind. No one listens to me anyway. :p

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    Guest NunoC


    YAY MORE TIME FOR MECIYA <font size=1><samp>dc</samp></font>

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