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    Server Stuff


    Some more kinks are being worked out as a result of our server move. Last night we had a problem where updates couldn't be above a certain length (which, if it hadn't been fixed, would have been an interesting exercise in brevity). A more important problem, however, is that some people with Doomworld e-mail addresses have found themselves unable to download any mail. Since I can't sent them an email to tell them what to do I'll say here: change your mail servers to mail.doomworld.com if they weren't already, and tell your mail program to check yourname@mail.doomworld.com instead of just yourname@doomworld.com. Also, I have heard some complaints that some people are being redirected to 5years.doomworld.com instead of coming here, and I've noticed that 5years.doomworld.com doesn't work for me. Ah well, it'll all get straightened out soon enough (I hope).

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    Guest [Mantra]


    Damn, luck to you al with this server switch, that is, if this comment actually made it on the thread =]

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    I think that most, if not all of the Doomworld hosted sites were gone for awhile, too. Oh well. :-b

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    Linguica, I'd just like to say that as a regular visitor to Doomworld, I appreciate your efforts in correcting the current problems the site is experiencing. Considering how much work has already been done, I don't imagine you got much sleep last night. Good luck working out the rest of the kinks.

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