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    Shockwave Doom


    Barry Swan sent in this link to a Shockwave-based 2.5D engine that he's been working on. Currently the engine uses a bit of Doom data, and has a quite navigable demonstration of E1M1. It requires Shockwave 8.5 to view, and should automatically ask you whether or not to install if you do not already have it.

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    THanks, I take it no-one had probs with the install or anything then, and it ran nicely!
    It's actually limited to a maximum of 60 frames per second right now, but I'll remove this in the final version, so those with awesome computers can expect a really smooth result ;)
    RE: Guns. The game is in progress, so this is yet to be done (you did note if you click in the view you leave bullet holes though?). The main thing for me is the blockmap and collision detection, pretty much everything revolves around this being done correctly.
    After that, well, we'll see. The ultimate aim is to create a multi-player version from within browsers.
    Ultimately I'd like a version for everyone to stick on their websites :)
    Also, I'll be shrinking the filesize, sorry it's so big right now but it has all textures etc in it, regardless of whether they are used or not!


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    Holy jeez! That's so cool!

    Looks like your textures got hit by JPEG compression though :(

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    Yup, they did.
    I'll fix this at a later stage.
    Because internally the file contains ALL textures it was gonna be big. Only way around this was to heavily JPEG them, and still the file is almost a meg, not very modem friendly I'm sure you'll agree.
    Later on I'll be fixing this by two methods,

    1 - not including the unused textures
    2 - designing levels that don't use too many textures

    I should be able to get away with point 2 above because there'll be a greater control over lighting and colouring etc, meaning reusing the same textures won't result in a uniformly coloured level.

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    Guest BlackTerror


    Instead of Doorblu, Doorblu2, Doorred, Doorred2, Dooryel, Dooryel2 you'll just have Doorkey and Doorskul. That's pretty cool.

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