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    • Fanatic has an update which mentions that the plans for QDOOM's last episode have been laid out, and he once again begs for everyone to relieve him of his 60-or-so "Fragging Fanatical" CDs he has lying around.
    • Twice Risen is back up and running after a successful "Save Twice Risen" campaign! Besides that good news, there's also a picture posted showing an early version of what will probably become a new monster in the game. Prepare for custom sprites!

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    Guest Salamando


    Is it just me? or does it look like an imp on magitec armor from ff3/6J?

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    Well, to tell the truth, that's what it basically is. That was the inspiration for the form. I'm sure it won't look like this when I'm done, but I have to use something to start with. Oh, and I didn't do the imp, it was ripped from the MD2 packs for DoomGL. The point is that I can do them. The fact that you recognized it makes it all the better.

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    ...3D models that are made well and c/p to sprites is a good thing. After all, I have 3D Studio MAX (R3 I think...) and Milkshape 3D (The one I use for most of my modeling needs. ;) and it's not like I'll go and make Models for Half-Life. So thats why it's a good idea to just get 3D so you can c/p to DOOM! Yeah baby! :) Also, the Cyberimp was an idea I actually had a long (and I mean LONG) time ago, and it would have looked kinda like that one, but I guess I was beaten to the punch line here. Good work. :) SmashDM Needs me to finish the next skin, which is gonna rock bighole time. The poly's in this model head alone is more then the last skins whole body. Each skin I do just gets better and better. =)

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