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    • Fanatic updated his Asylum regarding a "something cool" that will be released this weekend. It's not QDoom, but "just as damn good". Another reason to look forward the weeknd, eh?
    • Who would have thought it possible, but it has really happened... the Ninja Doom site has finally updated after months and months and MONTHS of displaying that silly 'coming soon' screen. The site itself is in hiatus from now on, but work on the project continues. College life, a future comic book publication and an ever-extending Ninja Doom features list that includes their own engine, OpenGL support, 3D models, new weapons and rendered movies (drool), its release got post-poned over and over again. So, I wouldn't your breath but don't give up on this porject because work still continues.

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    Guest Levendis


    1. Fanatic's "something cool" is probably going to be a new engine preview of some sort. Either that, or a new movie or something.
    2. We are never going to see Ninja Doom. The fact is, as talented as Kayin & Co. are, if they keep scrapping their work every time a new feature comes out, then they're never going to finish. Waiting for 3D models seems especially crappy to people who can't use them--like me (unless they have an engine that can do 3D in software, which ought to be possible). I would say this: FINISH WHAT YOU HAVE before adding new stuff. This has been in the works for years...the resource files (sprites, music, etc.) ought to have been finished long ago. If levels are almost done then you ought to have something for us by now :). Give us something fun to play and THEN work on the models...

    Just my $0.02,

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    Maybe I am not the best person to be saying this atm... but yeah, Levendis is right. At a certain stage you have to just finish everything up and not add anymore. Easier said than done unfortunately...

    I don't think it is the new engine. Maybe a web page for it...

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    Guest Fanatic


    I thought the same thing. Why not release it the way it is with sprites? Feels like we've been waiting forever with it near completion.

    I'd look forward to the sprite'd version now, then wait for a Ninja DOOM 3D or II, with new features, maps, models, etc. That would be a lot better, I think at least.

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