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    • The DOOMed Millennium has been updted with a non-preliminary list of the top 100 Doom WADs in existence. Go over there and look, then email PuPz and yell at him because this list is final, not preliminary. Yep, if you looked up "not preliminary" in a dictionary, you'd see a picture of this list.
    • Looks like Everybody Dies has once again mutated back into an all-at-once project as opposed to the episode-by-episode structure previously pondered. Recidivus is currently putting together the Everybody Dies resource WAD, which he says is absolutely massive, as the music portion is almost a full megabyte by itself.

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    Excuse me... but what in the name of crap is Securitron doing on that list and could someone explain why its THIRD?! Other than that its a matter of taste, but securitron (ep 1) goes beyond poor taste. I'm not intending to offend the author, but this is fact.

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    Guest Anonymous User


    I would have to agree.. Securitron displayed some amazing map tricks but when it came to actual gameplay (and visuals IMO) it wasn't that great. I think it deserves a spot on the list but not in the top 10.

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