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    • Fanatic has finally gotten his "Fragging Fanatical" CDs! They apparently look great, despite "andyboy" being misspelled as "kwijybo" or something. If you haven't ordered one of these hardcore instrumental metal CDs yet, you better go do it right now, or I'll tell your mommy on you.
    • I got sent the following email from the Laz, the maker of Wolfendoom:

      Work on Operation: Rheingold has fallen behind schedule. I had originally planned to release Episode 3 this month, but I've barely begun to work on it. I am postponing work on it until after the holidays, and the release will be pushed back to around March, 2000. Hopefully, Episodes 4 through 7 will be released about every two-three months throughout the rest of next year, with the seventh and final episode released about a year from now.

      Also, Laz notified us of a Macintosh utilities section he's posted as apparently a lot of our Mac links are dead (Mordeth?).

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    Guest Anonymous User


    From my point of view WolfenDoom is kinda nice but it is way too long and complex with all those episodes for my tastes. The only part I really like is the Astrostein trilogy, cause I am a science-fiction fanatic!!!! -LATER. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! Eugene E. Sloupsky

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    Guest balanco


    If you are talking about Operation rheingold, I felt it was some of the best episodes ever released. The second released Rheingold episode featured a large, highly detailed head quarters. What makes this episode stand out from most of the rest of the 'realistic' wads, is that it is both huge *and* just about all of the doors lead to real rooms, as opposed to just being decoration with null space behind them. I've seen this all to often in many levels and other FPSes, and the level of realism in this episode of Rhinegold was a refreshing change of pace :)

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    Guest balanco


    I've seen this all to often in many levels >>>>> I ment some other Doom levels

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