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    • Skulltag updated a few days ago (my bad for not reporting on it) about Carnevil thinking of making a big "OmniDoom" type of thing where people merge their different Doom-game IWADs together and choose between the games using juse one EXE. He'd like your feedback though, so post it in this forum or email him personally with your thoughts.
    • Fanatic is busily wrapping up E2M3, the last level in the (apparently short) second episode of QDOOM, and will soon be starting in on episode 3.

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    Guest balanco


    I loaded up the main hexen wad with Zdoom, and though the palatte for some of the Doom sprites were screwed up, and some of the objects in hexen were replaced with Doom sprites, the level other wised looked and worked fine (scripts worked, polyobjects worked). I don't see why Zdoom can't be tuned into a Doom/Doom2/Heretic/Hexen port with little additional coding needed.

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    Hmm... well, I hadn't really thought about having the Doom AND Heretic IWAD's merged into one, but I guess it could work. I'm sure with a bit of extra work, ZDoom could work for both Heretic and Hexen, which would mean it wouldn't be much trouble to have Heretic, Hexen, and Doom as part of one big omni-thingy.

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    Randy Heit has been working on Heretic and Hexen support in ZDoom for a long time. He's been planning on making it official when it's fully done. Once that is complete, then ZDoomGL should support the two games also (which would explain why development on public releases of GLHeretic and GLHexen have stopped for now).

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    Guest Anonymous User


    I would like to see Final Doom supported as well. It wouldn't seem too hard.

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