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    The SkullTag site has been updated with a second preview of things to come. This time there's a description of the three possible scenarios: normal Doom2-style, deathmatch, and a SkullTag scenario. Plus, it'll also have bots built in the game, which are based on the Cajun Bot. For the whole story visit their site.

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    Guest Risen


    Even I'm looking forward to this project... I consider myself the Skull Tag #2 man, and I see new stuff in these previews I didn't even know was coming... Only small stuff of course, but definitely cool.

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    Guest Rhoq


    Man, i can believe this project is coming so soon. I'm kind of a new member to ST, and I suppose I'm lucky to have got in on this project in time contribute something significant to it. The updates keep saying that it's coming. Being the artist with several half-done or less than half-done sprites left to do, I got a bit anxious reading about the supposed summer release. But I guess that all the more reason to keep going and plug away at this stuFF until I get it done.

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