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    SkullTag Release Tomorrow


    The SkullTag site has been updated to let us know that the next beta of this deathmatch mod will be released tomorrow. They have not yet posted a full list but it will have a "huge amount of new features and fixes" over the previous beta. Client/server might not be fully functional yet. They are also looking for someone to redesign their site.

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    Yay, Skulltag is coming out tomorrow. Wait, isn't Friday the 13th unlucky? I hope that doesn't interfere with anything. BTW, I agree with that picture below. FREE HISSY!!!

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    You'll fuck the too, eh FyreStorm?
    Maybe you should try some llama porn.
    I hear it's good complextion!


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    Errg! I only have one more day to complete five and a half more sprites (minimum), one or two full screen credit pages to put in, and to fix up my website so that people can download some "extras" for SkullTag. Oh, I'm loving this work, tho :) Only for Doom would stress myself this much. BTW, a big thanks goes out to Ed (Ed on Toast) and Matt (Hollywood) for helping me with sprites. Without them, I would surely be in over my head for this release... Thanks guys. Also, thank you everyone for the great feedback. And I guarantee this next release with be worth the download. There's a ton more stuFF in here than last time. In fact, I didn't even know about Domination mode until I saw it the POTD :) Go fig. Anyhoo, drool tonight, and download tomorrow.

    Free HISSY! Long Live Doom!

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    Hey guys, the new Skulltag beta is here!!! Go to the Skulltag website, and download it now! I'm downloading it right now, as I write this. I can't wait to get this baby installed. SKULLTAG RULES!!!

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