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    Small Plug


    We've been getting some emails recently about where to obtain some old, and rare wads. And I figured I'd take some time to mention probably the first resource anyone should check out. Ricrob's Place! His lists are possibly the best ever created. Some of the wads he has on the lists are no longer available anywhere else that is widely known. I'm not going to say no where else, cause the internet is so huge you never know. But want a wad... check Ricrob's page.

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    Guest Mattrim.


    Ricrob: what is your current (working) email address? Every message that I have tried sending to your @doomworld.com account has been bounced back to me after ~four days. Email me, please.

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    Hey Scott...thanks for the plug. I'm really amazed at how often I'm asked where a certain wad is, or where a good resource page is for levels. Makes me feel like my efforts with my page are a waste of time. Oh well...we can't all be so well informed. Anyway, if I may plug on...my page also contains a great resource of utilities for editing doom, and also hosts the Unoffical Wad Designers' Handbook, by Ron Allen. This is a great place to visit for people just starting out with Doom level editing. Now Matt, I dunno what problem you may be having with my email accnt. on Doomworld, but I just tested it, and it's working fine. ricrob@doomworld.com Lemme know if you're still having troubles and I'll shoot you another addy...

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    Damn, ricrob! I've been looking all over the place for HEROES2.WAD, when all the time it was on your site! <P>Unfortunately the text file doesn't have what I was hoping for.

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