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    Smart Reload


    Pilottobombadier has updated his site with another version of Lock and Load featuring a replacement for the Plasma Rifle: a Smart Gun.

    The but, however, is that I have not had time to playtest it, but please download it anyways, and tell me what bugs you find if you find any. Also, the DDFs are in the wadfile, so when you play, you'd better remove or delete any ddfs in your Doom directory, or things might get a little wonky.
    He has also added descriptions of the enemies to expect in "Aliens Vs. Predators Lock and Load".

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    I click on Smart Reload comments and see people talking about somthing else. It said there were no comments written as of yet, but there is. Is this somekind of dodgy link???

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    Now I only see my message!! Ah whatever.

    Anyway, I checked out your new wad file and the information you put on your site, and as a die hard fan of Aliens and Preditor I find your information very incorrect. I have a feeling you have taken a lot of ideas from Aliens Verses Preditor the game, and made up the rest. No offence intended, and I guess many other people wouldn't know at all.

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    Guest forEver


    Well, from what i've seen of Lock 'n' Load, i'm impressed, but aliens vs predator better be good.

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