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    SoM's LGDM01


    StroggOnMeth has released his long-awaited deathmatch map LGDM01, which is built for the latest Doom Legacy. The download, which contains some textures by Iikka Keränen, is available from SoM's pages here.

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    Guest o-tech


    It's a square building with crates. Thats it. Really, this can't have taken long. It's not ugly (thought the lighting is kind of boring) and I bet it plays fine in DM, but it's still just a square room full of crates. So, to call it "long-awaited" is perhaps hyping it a bit too hard. Bah, nevermind, I'm just a grumpy old has-been anyway.

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    I ve been waiting for this and it was worth the wait. A lovely wee deathmatch experience. Unlike the last comment I know how hard it is to design a crate filled room without glitches and mis-aligned textures everywhere. Nice work.

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    Guest Big Al


    Looks good, although textures a bit Quake like, not that is a bad thing.
    Looks like it would have been a bugger to align all the textures.

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