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    Sounds Like Doom


    If you like to record obscene sounds, you may want to know that id is looking for a sound guru to participate in that TC they're making. Doom 3 or something... From that Xian guy:

    We're looking to contract a sound designer to work on weapon sounds, impact sounds, monster sounds, world ambience, machinery, etc for our upcoming game, DOOM 3. Basically, you will be responsible for creating a lot of sounds that will be used in the game.

    So there you go. Check out Xian's .plan for more info, as there are more requirements than being able to fart into your five dollar microphone, but you probably knew that already. Thanks Shugashack.

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    WTF, they can't fire Trent Reznor, he did a superb job with doom3 thus far and this point is justified by the superb sounds we get from the alpha. If this is true, then perhaps this is the first bad news I have received from ID regarding the doom3 project,

    /me hopes this is not true.

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    Archvile46 said:

    I hope they fired Reznor.

    Um, why would you want that? He did an as good as flawless job on the E3 presentation/Alpha, if they fired him then that is really bad news.

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    Occording to that article in PC Gamer there was already 14,000 sounds in the game so maybe they're just looking for some help to speed things along.

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