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    Source Port Article On Doom Center


    Skadoomer has posted an article on Doom Center entitled A Look at Source Ports: The New Standard in Doom, which talks a bit about all the new features source ports have brought upon the Doom engine, and a bit about the standards around which these features have tended to coalesce.

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    Vavoom also has 3d floors, mate. Not only was this artical just pointing out the obvous, but missed a lot out, was too brief and didn't give much information, it also didn't have a point.
    On another note: yo edge team; slopes? My TC is begging for them.

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    It's really sad that Vavoom is overlooked so often, although it has slopes, 3d floors, sloped 3d floors, ACS, and so much more. And talking about ACS: I think, porting this from Hexen to DOOM was a huge step towards fun playability - it isn't even mentioned in the article.

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    Vavoom isn't exactly a walk in the park using. I haven't tried edeting for it myself, but Kurt Kesler was pretty intrested in making a map for it since it had so much edeting possabilitys. But only after a few days was sick of it. Apparently it was a pain in the ass to edit.

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    Guest Kinoshkana


    Arioch: Doom isn't a walk in the park.

    Law: EDGE 1.26 should have slopes, polyobjects, and other cool things (uh... sloped 3d-floor polyobjects? :->). I'm working on it.

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