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    Speed Demos Arrive


    Opulant updated the Doom Speed Demo Archive with a crapload of new demos, beginning with a some tool-assisted demos, then some Crusades speedruns, then a mirror of the entries to the Mirra speed-running contest, and continuing with a massive grab bag of demos from some people like Rich Sham, Magikal, and Grazze, <phew>. He's nicely zipped up all the new demos (1.4 MEGS of lmp files!!) for you greedy bastards. Enjoy.

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    Looking through the demos in this update I found 2 pretty amusing ones (the others a fine too, of course.) They both have to do with the player dying. One is an Albert Valls recording of map02 of allalone and the other is Opulent in map04 of pdgate. Check them out if you missed them.

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