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    Speedmapping Download #5


    The fifth package of Speedmapping WADs, which are from yesterday, are available for download here. More details are available at the Speedmapping page, including an explanation of this week's theme as well as a bit of information on the prize.

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    Guest wondersmith


    I've done some initial testing of the maps, and, for the benefit of those who cannot arrange a co-op game, I'll mention that at least four maps in this wad can be completed in single player mode without cheating. I leave it to you to discover which ones. :-) They're fun too! Anyway, I expect to be able to announce the winner in a week or so. Thanks again to everyone who participated, whether or not you seek the prize.

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    I preferred the levels which actually REQUIRE more than one player, rather than the levels where the author seemed to think adding four times the normal number of enemies would be the best way of making a co-op level.

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    Oh no.

    I didn't realize this until after. Map07 has a serious flaw in it. There's a trigger set up so that when the first player leaves his corridor, it closes off the second player's corridor. The second player, when leaving his corridor opens the only door to get out.
    This way, you can't get out without at least two players.

    Problem is, that if the second player dies, he restarts with his ceiling at the floor. I can only guess he's stuck at this point.

    It's very simple to fix, but the 100 minute rush means it wasn't fixed and . . . . there goes my chance at winnning. :(

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