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    Speedmapping Reminder


    Just a reminder that the weekly Speedmapping exercise is scheduled, as always, for 20:00 GMT. When this clock hits 20:00, it's Speedmapping time.

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    Guest Captain Napalm


    Ling are you going to be posting the topic or Andrew again?

    F1r57 P057

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    That clock shows the exact same time as my system clock. This, to my understanding, isn't GMT at all. It's BST, British Summer Time. British clocks go forward in spring and back in August just like American ones, so over the summer we have BST, which is GMT plus one hour. IMBW, but I think i'm right :)

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    Hey Ling, make a really cool theme this time, okay? Something similar to the first weekly speedmapping session.

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    I haven't played all of the weekly speedmaps so I can't make comparisons but this particular one didn't impress me much. too many lost souls, marble textures and cacodemons, and on the skill I used (hurt me plenty) there were lots of rooms full of monsters which is generally a bad idea.

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