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    Speedmapping Reminder


    A reminder that it will take place at 20:00 GMT today, which is Saturday, August 4th, 2001. That's 15:00 EDT (or 3PM) for those of you in the Americas, 12:00 Pacific, etc., which is in ... um ... about an hour as of the time of this belated news post. For more details, be sure to visit the Speedmapping page.

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    I missed all but 2 of them. I hope speedmapping continues . . . I want to try it more often.

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    Yeah this was my first speedmapping, I found it pretty fun. If Ling or Arioch would just post day-in-advance reminders, people like me wouldn't forget. I hope it continues on, and if it doesn't, hell, I'd just take it over :P

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    I can't find my Doom II cd, this shit is horrible. I got a new computer a week ago, got a new graphics card installed yesterday but now I can't find Doom II. I actually want to participate in a couple of these speedmapping contest's so this is bad news. I'm about 2 clicks away from just ordering the trilogy of amazon. lol

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    The castle maps are a really nice set. All very playable and with generally good aesthetics (allowing for haste :) The first level is a standout, tho -- delightful map.

    The drowned city maps worked out well too, tho doubtless due to the problems of deep water, tended to be more visually buggy. Still, very good efforts.

    The recreations of E1M1 were interesting, altho the 2nd map somehow seems slightly tougher than I remembered :)

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