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    Speedmapping Reminder


    I haven\'t written one of these in a while... remember that our weekly Speedmapping exercise will take place today a 19:00 Coordinated Universal Time as always. Since people always seem to get messed up about when is when, when this clock gets to 19:00, it\'s time. Also, I know the last two weeks\' Speedmapping packs have yet to appear on the page, which is due to me reformatting my computer and Mordeth not having given me the FTP password again... bah.

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    Guest Captain Napalm


    Why have you set the whole thing back 2 hours? It is now at 11 o´clock here in most of Europe, except GB, and I don´t know if I´m really gonna be in a very editing sort of mood at that time, 9 o´clock was much better.

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    Well... it doesn't seem to be much different. I participated in it; '19.00 UTC' is 8pm in British time, and it ended at '20.50 UTC' which is ten to 10 here. So, err, hmm, yeah.

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    Depends if you mean "British Time" as "Greenwich mean time" which is, at the moment "British time -1 hour" :)

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