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    Speedrunners Rejoice, for Swift Death is here!


    Swift Death, an extremely difficult Boom-compatible 32-level megawad created by French Doomer FranckFRAG (plus some guest maps by JCD and Memfis), has now reached its final edition. The purpose of the megawad is to challenge the speedrunning community to complete the maps as quickly as possible and provide the community with more exciting demos. However, it does have difficulty settings implemented for practice and recreational play, and Deathmatch and Cooperative Starts for multiplayer modes. (The text file suggests "Survival Cooperative" for ZDaemon and Zandronum.) As different versions of the same wad can be a real hassle for the community, the final version of Swift Death states that speedrunners can now go forth, compete, and dominate maps of this megawad without the risk of a new version obsoleting their demos, so we can expect a whirlwind of new runs for this exciting new Doom experience!

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    Request? Hmmm... ummm... thuhhh..
    Welll... I'm not interested even add this wad in my TAS list. No cool design, No big amount of monsters.
    Create new thread in Doom Speed Demos about this wad...

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    Aww, I would love to see a TAS movie by you Azuruish! I think there are many tricks in the maps.

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    Azuruish said:

    No cool design, No big amount of monsters.

    -I'd argue the design is very nice.

    -Relative to the size of the maps, there are a lot of monsters!

    It's good to see this get finalized, by the way.

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    Maybe i something missed and suddenly compared this was with 'Killing Adventure'?
    Ok... I'll think about it.

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    Wow, this wad sure does 'come out swinging'. Even 'Toilet break' is kind of tough.
    And, look, French designed wad is followed immediately by the tragedy in Paris!

    What a weird twist of events. C'est triste! the wad, not the attacks....

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    Would be cool if megawads could be 'top stories' for a while, but then again the really good ones get immortalized by cacowards, so I dunno.

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