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    Speedy Metabolism


    Looks like Metabolist has updated his site, but the date says February 22 so I'm not 100% sure. He's got a couple of new Wad reviews up, talks about some chaos mathematics via spreadsheets, and also gives away a little more info about CXN:

    I've not said much about this project in the past, but now it's starting to take some proper shape at last. Don't hope for any screenshots of it - it'll be all the more surprising on release. When we finish Plutonia II, work proper will start on CXN. I've thought a lot about the project's style, and it's started to develop; it will be designed with a good balance between detail and realism, with what you might call la verité de Doom present.

    He also mentions that the Plutonia Experiment II site has been updated, but, again, the date says January 4th so I'm not too sure about this one either. Apparently a couple of people have joined the team and/or resurrected in the past few months, and details on what maps are finished are present. Also, it seems some of the screenshots have been brightened as well.

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    I've tried the "chaos mathematics via spreadsheets" bit, but I don't get it... What am I supposed to see?

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