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    Spring Doom 2 Netparty


    BahdKo has let us know about her spring 2003 Doom 2 netparty in Dulles, Virginia. The official site is here, and there you'll be able to find information, rules, what to bring, etc. Also, it just so happens that the Golden Cyber Awards will be held the same day that the party will be in full force. Notify BahdKo if you will be attending.

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    I am surprised seeing Hegyi is completely out of the picture of the nomination of this year

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    Adam H. hardly recorded anything last year. He did a new set of speed stuff on MAP31, which is awesome, but got overshadowed by all of Sedlo's speed stuff. His only other runs were another speedrun, E4M7, and a miscellaneous NM100s run run in TNT. So it's not surprising he's not in the final lineup, really...maybe he could've got a nomination for the MAP31 nightmare run, I dunno.

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    PlanetAdam still rules. (both of them)
    I'm saddened that there are no contest eggs from him...

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