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    Super Sonic Plutonia


    The Ultimate DooMer has written in about the latest update to his page of DooM. The third zone of his Super Sonic DooM project has been completed and screenshots posted, and after finishing his Plutonia II map, he plans on converting his project to ZDoom's new texturing system.

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    Interesting screenies, keep up the good work!

    Perhaps Plutonia II will be ready for the big 10... maybe? Okay hopefully.

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    I just looked at the screenshots and noticed that MAP20 of Plutonia 2 is the same level as HR2 MAP17. Wonder how that happened...

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    Hah, that's a good question. I haven't looked at the screenshots in a while so it didn't occur to me. BTW, did you get Zokum's map29?

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    Looks like his monitor has a serious gamma problem.

    Yes, the screens on Metabolists site do like rather bright. Odd, they looked fine a few weeks back...

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    BTW, did you get Zokum's map29?

    I've seen some shots of it and it looks great, but I still haven't played it.

    The final testing is going good. I made the mistake of doing all my testing using MBF. I completely forgot that BooM/MBF fixed many of the Linedef triggers(lower to nearest, etc.). Luckily, I think most of them have been found.

    The release is getting closer. While waiting for Zokum's level I've mixed most of the HR2 music into WAV files, so I should also have a decent quality soundtrack in MP3 format. The music rocks...

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