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    Swimming With The Fish


    Anthony Soto has posted more pretty pictures for your enjoyment over at his Fishbowl. Both of which are two new teaser pics from Richard Wiles new "Slayer" series. He has also released a "new" level of his, that is actually quite old. And to top everything else off there is also mention of the Classic epsiode, which he's waiting for somebody to finish their part on. *cough**cough*

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    Did I...miss the release of the 10 sectors wad? It just seems like...nothing has been sort of happening lately, with no more suggestions that someone is looking at it, or judging it, or doing something with it, noone is begging for it, no sadistic webmasters are lying about its imminent release? I'm one of these people who needs everything spelled out. The announcement a week or so ago was just a brutal fabrication, and I'm the only one who has changed my schedule to be home for the release? (Just kidding, I never leave home)

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    Just so everyone knows, the level has not been not finished due to laziness, but due to the lack of a working computer.

    That problem should be resolved today though...

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