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    Tarin It Up


    Tarin's Doom Place has been updated with the release of a new program by him (called p2t) to create textures from patches in a WAD, some blurbs about future levels by him, and a little stuff about someone who wants him to leave the DooM community.

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    Tarin, what's the story? Some guy's trying to get you to leave the community, filled your guestbook with insults and obscenities, and this is after you somehow helped him? How did this all happen?

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    Clicking on both the doom3057 link and the perforated link gave me 404 errors. (?) BTW, what did you do for Acidflash in the first place?

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    [i]It may not have been Acidflash. On of his friends, Tormentor667, said that he's completely sure that it was not Acidflash, though I'd say the way the text was written in the guestbook was exactly the same way written as Acidflash does. However, I'll investigate further on it...[i]

    This is from a little update on my page.

    To the 404: I got the link to DooM3057 wrong (fixed now) and the URL of Perforated Entrails has changed...

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