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    Tarin It Up


    Tarin's Little Doom Place has been updated with a little ZDoom level showing off lots of cool things which can be done with ACS. Not much in the way of gameplay, but it's nice to see what can be accomplished with ACS in the right hands (and this stuff is pretty cool BTW).

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    Hey, 55 people have downloaded that level. What do you think about it? Any comments? Damn, you must have anything to say!

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    All right, Tarin it up now; Tarin it up now, All right; Beyond that I don't know the rest of the lyrics.

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    This level had some pretty cool stuff in it. The scripting reminded me of Half-Life in some parts.

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    Guest cocoon


    Well it isn't much of a wad to play really, more to be standing there with the jaw dropped to the floor. I had no idea one could such cool things in doom now (heh zdoom). But where was the last key? I never found it... Damn I can't even rember what two I found. Blue and red I think bah. NEVERMIND. Cool stuff

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