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    Team Kills Something, Public Unimpressed


    To begin, I have no idea why the top of Team Kill's site misspells "Asylum" in a 48pt blinking purple font. However, there has been an update recently to tell us that work on E3M2 of the Kill project is around 50% complete. There are some new screenshots, and some information about how progress has slowed a bit due to Ike's work study.

    Strange fact about the webmaster of this site: Linguica was actually born in England, but he won't admit it.

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    I spell it "Asylem" because I need to be put into one sometimes (as I've mentioned before).

    And it shouldn't be blinking...

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    It's in between <blink> and </blink> tags. it's blinking in mozilla.

    Oh. Dang Dreamweaver. I'm going back to Frontpage. 'Till I finish learning HTML (in about 15 years). I'll go correct that today. Then again, that's probably what I get for only testing it in the latest IE.

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    Damn, that means we'll never get anything done.

    Edit: The govt. not us. We never get anything done anyway.

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